About Us

Founded in 1956 East Main has sat on the corner of Main and Hudson for the past six decades and served as both a gathering place for the people of the church and center from which the Gospel can be proclaimed and God's love shown.

As a member of the Liberty Baptist Association, the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, and the Southern Baptst Convention, East Main affirms the Baptist Faith and Message. The church also abides by a church covenant which all members are called to affirm. 

East Main is a church committed to equpping and enabling the saints for the purpose of spiritual formation and evangelism. A living church is one in which the Gospel is a living presence, a presence that both grows within the church's members and also compels those members to be disciples who make disciples; to be both Gospel-bearers and Gospel-sharers.

To this end we are committed to both the personal and corporate study of God's Word, to prayer, to evangelism, and to charity.